What is the adoption process? 

We want to make this easy and we want to be sure that the dog you are interested in is a fit for you. Finding a dog or pup that works with your schedule and life style is key to our placement. The questions help us know if the dog you choose will do well in your home. The number of hours your dog is home alone, fenced yard, exercise plan, other family members – pets included; those are important things we want to discuss with you and your chosen canine.  We do require a vet reference.

The application is on our website: IsTodayMyDayRescue.org. Complete and send. You can expect a reply within 24 hours.  As all of our dogs are in Foster Care, we will then contact the foster home and arrange a meeting.  The foster home might want to arrange a home visit or you might meet at a convenient location. If it is a good fit, some adoptions can be completed at that time of the meeting.

The adoption is complete when you sign the Adoption Contract promising to provide vet care, heartworm preventative, family time, and to return your pup to us if it doesn’t work out.

If I send in an application, am I obligated to adopt?

No.  You are obligated to meet a pup if we are holding her or him for you. If you set up an appointment and can’t make it, let us know.  If we don’t hear from you, your pup will be available for other adopters. There just might be a waiting list for your baby so be sure to be in touch.

What if I adopt and it isn’t a good fit?  We know that it is hard to get married on a blind date. We will issue a refund during the first 14 days.  Later than that, we will take your pup back but your adoption fee is a donation to a great organization.

Are all of your dogs altered (spay/neutered)?

All mature dogs and pups over 12 week and 4 pounds have been altered.  Pup that are too young, too small, or have other health risks will be adopted with a contract stating that you will spay/neuter at an appropriate age and size.  We will recommend low cost options in your area and will reimburse up to $60 with proof of alteration.

If follow up call indicates that you haven’t altered your pup as agreed, we will confiscate your pup and get him or her altered. The circumstance regarding why you didn’t honor your agreement will determine if your pup will be returned to you.

Do you require a fenced yard?

It depends on the dog.  Some dogs really need a fenced yard to be happy and many don’t.  Some will only be successful with their housetraining if they have a fenced yard. If you don’t have a fenced yard, your plans for housetraining and exercise will let us know if it is a good fit.

Our dogs can not spend the day in the yard on a chain or tether. Being chained is the number one reason dogs bite and become aggressive.  A chained or tethered dog is vulnerable.  Other dogs and children can torment them.

Are adoptions first come, first serve?

No. We want to find just the right home for each dog and for each family. If you are approved for an adoption and a meeting is arranged, we will hold that dog for you until the agreed upon meeting time.

I am in love!  When can I get my dog?

Once approved and you have met your pup, he or she can go home with you.  Reasons for a delay would be a pre scheduled vet appointment.

What comes with my dog?

Your dog comes to you full loaded with goodies! They will be microchipped, vaccinated appropriately for their age, wormed, treated with flea and tick preventative, altered if appropriate, and on heartworm preventative if over 3 months old. You will receive a copy of the adoption paperwork, information to register your pup's microchip, and a record of the medical care they have received.

Adoption fees?

Fees range from $200 to $350

What does that cover? Pup and vet care… all dogs are current on vaccinations, wormed regularly, heartworm tested if over 6 months, on preventative, microchipped, and altered if they are over 12 weeks.  If adopted when too young, too small, or with other health risks to prevent being safely altered, we require an agreement that you will alter your pup at the appropriate age or size.  $60 is reimbursed with proof of the procedure.

Why so much?  

We serve a low income area and have no outside funding or local fundraising opportunities.  To continue providing for the dogs, we need to cover a portion of the costs of preparing pups for adoption.  Our vet care is not usually discounted and, being a rescue, low cost spay/neuter programs are not available to us. The adoption fee covers the average expenses of the dog. A puppies adoption fee may support the extra expenses of a senior or the emergency case that next shows up on our doorstep.

Where do your dogs come from?

Texas County and the surrounding area. It is the third-world of Missouri. Often times, the dogs or pups are given up because the family would have to choose between feeding the kids or the dogs. We specialize in Moms and pups or litters in need of placement.  If we can help a dog find a home and a foster home is available for that dog, we will gladly help them find a way home.

What is a puppy mill?

That is a tricky question. By definition, a puppy mill is an illegal dog breeder selling puppies. Some people expand the name to all breeders and this is really a mistake. There are many reputable breeders that care for their dogs and do everything by the law. While we always recommend adopting instead of buying, we find it unfair to call all breeders puppy mills. It would be akin to calling your local pharmacy a drug dealer. We do not work with breeders unless they choose to relinquish. We will never pay for a dog unless we deem the dog's life to be at risk otherwise.