Fostering is an act of love. A foster family helps a dog transition from their past to a place in a new forever home. It is a calling to love, care, and give your home and heart to a dog in need while knowing that letting go will be your last act of love. By fostering, you can change a life forever.
Please remember: Rehoming is the ultimate goal of fostering.

A foster home agrees to:

  1. Provide love, attention and care.

  2. Continue housetraining and help your foster dog learn the rules of family life.

  3. Let us know immediately if you have any health concern regarding your foster.  A board member can help and will advise you if seeing a vet is needed and which vets work with us.

  4. Help in the adoption process by arranging a meeting with and answering questions about your foster for potential adopters.

If you just cannot let your foster dog go or if you have a friend who wants your dog, notify us immediately.  Once an application has been received and a meeting promised, an eager family is preparing for your dog to be their dog.  If you cannot arrange a meeting, our foster coordinator will ask a board member to pick up your pup and take them to the meeting.

Fostering a dog is an exercise in loving for the benefit of the beloved. When your dog goes home, your house and lap will be empty. It is hard.  And then, you realize that without you, that dog would still be out there somewhere, living a life without care… if she is fortunate. You have been a part of saving a very special life and making a family very happy. You are now “a part of the solution” for homeless and abandoned pets.  You did that!  Is Today My Day and your foster dog thank you for it.

What to do next

We can only accept a homeless pet once we have a foster available. If you'd like to be a foster, please fill out an application. We will get back to you quickly and let you know who is available for foster. If you have any questions, please email us at or call us at 417-547-2123.