We are located in south central Missouri, an area with a low human population and a high canine population.  Our mission is to help dogs from this area find homes in the St. Louis area through adoptions and transfers.  After covering spay/neuter costs, twenty percent of each adoption fee goes to our emergency medical fund so we can help canine accident victims, pay for emergency C-sections, and other health needs. Nothing is sadder than to see a mom die in delivery because her family couldn’t afford veterinary assistance. The remainder of the adoption fee goes to the dogs.

We are Foster Home based and do not have a facility.  Moms and pups are our first priority but we will help any dog we can. Sadly, we are only able to accept a dog when a foster home is available. All dogs over 12 weeks of appropriate size have been altered; if too young for this procedure or other health risks exist, a spay/neuter reimbursement is provided when the procedure is done. All dogs of the appropriate age are on heartworm preventative. Dogfood can be provided to foster homes if requested.